Hi, I'm Kyle 👋

Currently working (happily) as a frontend engineer in the e-commerce space.🦊

Technology I've worked & dabbled with:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. React
  5. Next.js
  6. Jest
  7. Styled Comp.
  8. Storybook
  9. Git / GitHub
  10. WordPress
  11. PHP
  12. Figma
  13. Shopify
  14. Prismic
  15. Gatsby
  16. Sass
  17. TypeScript
  18. GraphQL
  19. WebGL
  20. Webpack

Active side project(s):

Frontend Practice

A collection of real websites for developers to recreate to improve and test their skills.

[Next.js, React, MDX, Styled Components]

Featured by: Codrops, Frontend Focus, Kevin Powell, Prismic.io, SomeWhatCreative, WebdesignerDepot, HeyDesigner, SiteJoy.

Awesome Looking Websites

Showcasing websites with awesome design from all over the internet.

[Next.js, React, Styled Components, CMS: Sanity]